Business Continuity

Small business owners work hard to build their business. The hours, the dedication, the passion given to building a vibrant enterprise are born of a desire to build a business that will continue beyond the owner's lifetime. Small Business provides a livelihood for many dedicated employees.

If a business owner dies without a transition plan in place, the business may need to be sold for several reasons:

  • The owner is critical to it's operation. Without their expertise the heirs or employees may not be able to keep the doors open.
  • Without the owner's drive, cash flow may decrease forcing the doors to close.
  • The value the I.R.S. assigns to the business for estate tax purposes may force the business to be sold to come up the cash to pay the taxes.

If there are multiple owners, the surviving spouse may expect income for their portion of ownership without putting in the work.

Many problems can arise without a written agreement and a method in place to pay expenses if the unexpected happens.

Our job is to help the owner design a successful transition plan with their attorney and put in place insurance vehicles to fund the buyout.