Retirement Plans

Plan Design:
Retirement plans can be critical to achieving your financial success. The design of each plan depends on the goals of the owners of the company and their desires to attract and retain key employees. From Profit Sharing plans including 401(k)'s to Defined Benefit plans, there are many ways to make tax deductible contributions to your retirement future.

Profit Sharing plans can be customized to offer greater benefits to those who have less time until retirement age. They can also favor certain classes of employees. There is a delicate balance to plan design to stay within the restrictions of ERISA rules. Flexiblity is a great benefit of a profit sharing plan. Your company may be able to reduce or increase contributions from year to year based on cash flow.

Defined Benefit plans allow more established business owners to accumulate larger contributions (and deductions) than Profit Sharing or 401(k) plans in a short time to help build a significant retirement plan nest egg.

The type of plan that is right for you and your business depends on many factors. We can design a long term plan that will help you to accumulate the funds you need to retire!

Pension Consulting Services:
Royal Financial offers pension consulting services to employee benefit plans, regulated under the Employee Retirement Income Securities Act of 1974, as amended ("ERISA"). In general, these services may include an existing plan review, assistance in the development of a retirement plan, evaluation of retirement plan vendors, asset allocation advice, money management services, investment performance monitoring, and/or ongoing consulting. Additionally, where contracted by the plan, Royal Financial will assist the plan sponsor in providing education services regarding the retirement plan to plan participants. Communication with plan participants may be limited to general information regarding the plan, general financial and investment information, general information regarding asset allocation models available from relevant third parties.