Fringe Benefits Analysis

What happens if you die before you and your spouse retire? Or before your children go to college? What happens if you are injured and can't work for several years? What happens if you need help in your daily living activities when you are older?

Most people don't want to think about these things. However, a good financial plan will address these issues. The solutions you enact depend on your goals, your financial abilities, and your family situation.

Life insurance, disability insurance, long term care much do you need, what kind do you need, do you need any? As part of our planning process, we help you set goals to determine what risks and how much of them you want or need to protect.

It's a complicated maze of options, but our job is to help steer you to a clear solution that fits your needs.

We work with you in choosing benefits from your employer's programs as well as individualized programs that will stay with you even if you change jobs. Business owners can utilize their business to provide benefits they need and will also help retain key employees. The right solution depends on your needs.