Financial Planning

Financial counseling requires a high level of confidence by both parties involved. Our core belief is serving the client first and foremost. Our goal is to earn and keep your confidence over the years!

We will conduct a complimentary initial consultation. Follow up meetings as necessary are to obtain pertinent quantitative and subjective information about your financial circumstances, goals, and objectives. This will include a review of available financial documentation such as investment statements, insurance policies, company benefit books, legal and financial documents (including tax returns, wills, and trusts), among others. The primary objective of this process is to assist you in developing a strategy for the successful management of income, assets, and liabilities in meeting your financial goals and objectives.

We work with you to define your financial objectives based on personal goals and financial abilities. Basic concepts and possible solutions will be reviewed to develop parameters for the plan. An assessment of tax brackets, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and investment experience, among others will help determine such parameters.

Once parameters are defined and your information has been reviewed and analyzed, a financial plan designed to help you achieve your stated financial goals and objectives will be presented. Each plan is customized to provide personalized analysis and recommendations and typically addresses various areas of concern, such as:

  • Cash flow management
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Fringe Benefit Analysis
  • Insurance Planning

Financial plans are based on your financial situation at the time the plan is presented. Certain assumptions may be made with respect to interest and inflation rates and use of past trends and performance of the market and economy. Past performance is in no way indicative of future performance. Royal Financial cannot offer any guarantees or promises that the Client's financial goals and objectives will be met. As the Client's financial situation, goals, objectives, or needs change, it is up to you to notify us promptly.